Welcome to eFootball Universe…


Welcome to your new home for all things eFootball and PES.

10 years ago, a few lifetime PES fans came together with the goal of creating a PES platform to share our videos, thoughts and content. As childhood fans growing up with the series, we shared an incredible passion for the PES series.

That passion ultimately evolved into PESUniverse. 

For anyone reading this, thank you for the support over the last few years.

For all of you who became members and supported since the very start, words cannot describe the appreciation we have for keeping the whole thing going. We hope you have got even half as much enjoyment from your time with PESUniverse as we have got from sharing and creating with you. A lot of late nights and a lot of coffee!

So let’s talk about the future eh?

When we first created PESUniverse, we didn’t really have a plan in place for what we would focus on so ideas were tossed around, concepts were developed (and abandoned) and the whole site became bogged down with lots of outdated UI, broken plugins and resource draining designs over time.

eFootball Universe is our new platform for everything PES & eFootball.

Simple to use, slick, fast and secure.

Nothing is happening with PESUniverse and it will still be there so you can continue to use the site at your leisure the same way as you always have. The only difference will be the memberships.

eFootball Universe will take over for all future content and registrations on PESUniverse will no longer apply. If you are a current PESuniverse member, you can continue to use as normal.

eFootball Universe will contain an archive for everything and we have some incredible content coming from both past and present titles. And that’s not even mentioning the future…

Silver and gold memberships are replaced with one membership, PLUS+

Members will also enjoy:

  • AD Free Experience
  • Early Access to Video and Audio Content
  • Host of perks
  • Giveaways
  • PLUS+ Discord Role

So thanks for checking eFootball Universe out and thanks for the support!

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