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Frequently Asked Questions
We will continue to update this page as the season draws on

What is eFootball Universe?

10 years ago, a few lifetime PES fans came together with the goal of creating a PES platform to share our videos, thoughts and content. As childhood fans growing up with the series, we shared an incredible passion for the PES series.

That passion ultimately evolved into PESUniverse. 

From the creators of PESUniverse, eFootball Universe is your brand new platform for everything PES & eFootball.

A community driven eFootball/PES site that brings the best kit creators, option file editors, YouTubers and streamers together to create the definitive experience for all fans, run by fans. We’re talking the highest quality option files, year round updates, exclusive PES Classic content and unique features.

Welcome to the eFootball family.

Why should I become a PLUS+ member?

The only reason we are even still around is because of members and the support over the last few years. With the series branching off into eFootball, it’s been a tough few months but we believe the series still has potential and our passion still burns for what eFootball could become.

Members get exclusive access to VIP areas of the site which enables them to get early access to everything we do. Every bit of content goes into the PLUS+ HUB for early access as well as:

  • AD Free Experience
  • Early Access to Video and Audio Content
  • Host of perks
  • Giveaways
  • PLUS+ Discord Role

And we haven’t even announced any of the exciting stuff yet!

Every single one of our download links is 100% safe and secure using a dedicated SSL. We will never use external links or dodgy hosts riddled with ads. We are about making it as simple as clicking on what you want and downloading instantly. No fuss or messing. 100% safe, secure and fast. As we get bigger, the cost of the site increases so any help is massively appreciated as we develop the site with future plugins and bigger hosting plans.

We will always abide by our motto – For the fans, by the fans.

REFUNDS – Due to the nature of the site, and the way downloads work, we are unable to refund any accounts that have downloaded the files directly from eFootball Universe.

How do I install the Option File?

We have a dedicated tutorials section which shows you everything you need to know to import files. Simply follow the steps, check out the high quality screenshots and watch our complete and concise instruction videos. These tutorials are available in your members hub and cover the entire process so you can get on with playing.

Does anyone have permission to use PESUniverse kits?

Nobody has permission to host or use our kits. No site, community or forum. Simple as that.

The only place to download our kits and files is directly from the links on the PESuniverse site. Nobody is allowed to use our kits or claim our kits. Some will say they have permission to use our kits because they credit us but this is simply not true. Do not support these guys who simply butcher thousands of hours of editing.

We use a specific process to ensure our files are of the highest quality so if you’re not downloading from the site, it won’t be the legit file.

What happens to my PESUniverse Membership?

For those of you who are members of PESUni, nothing will change apart from new signups so you can continue to use your existing membership as normal on PESUniverse with today’s V1 release on both sites.

More details here –

What is the best way to contact you?

The best way to contact us is at our email –
Please allow up to 24 hrs for a response during business days. Weekends may take up to 48 hrs.